Thursday, January 15, 2009

Why Marrying a Teacher Is Not Good For A Marriage

Let me paint a picture for you... It's 5:30 (yes in the am) and I am dead to the world.
Tom Cruise walks in and says "Hey! I missed two calls. One at 12:00 and the other at 4:45am".
Me: "Who died?" . I mean really who calls twice in the middle of the night (other than my sister, who desperately needs to know "who sings that song?", after 12 too many drinks)?
TC: No, no. Nothing like that. It was the school, it's too cold so they called it off.
Then he proceeds to tell me about every little detail of what he was going to teach and how this messes up his plans for the test he was going to give, blah, blah, blah. After a while this all sounded like a cry for me to punch him square in the face.
Me: Get. OUT!

Cut to when it is time for me to get up...

Me: Roxy let's go for our walk!

Roxy: No mama! It's too cold. Dad not going to work = me not peeing outside.

Me: Seriously Roxy, I don't have time for this. Outside! Right now!

Roxy: Nope, I'll just pee on the rug later. I'm going back to bed.

TC & Roxy: Since your going out, bring back Dairy Queen.

I have instructed them both to be out of my house by the time I get home.
If the rest of the workforce can survive the cold weather, I'm pretty sure teachers can too.

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